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SIVECO Romania

AeL - a Romanian Product on the Podium of the „eEurope Awards for eGovernment”

28 November 2005

The jury of the „eEurope Awards for eGovernment” designated its winners in Manchester within the Finalists Gala, which took place last week

The jury of „eEurope Awards for eGovernment” designated its winners in Manchester within the Finalists Gala, which took place last week.

The Ministry of Education and Research was awarded for implementing the AeL eLearning Platform at the undergraduate educational level, the product being highly appreciated for its impact in the educational field and for the opportunity it creates to be used as a model for other countries.

This year, within „eEurope Awards for eGovernment” competition registered 234 applications from 28 countries, 76 projects have been granted the European Commission 'Practice Label'. 52 had been selected as Finalists at the four award themes: Impact, Enabling eGovernment, Transformation (Government readiness), Businesses and Citizens. Romania and Poland were the only countries from Central and Eastern Europe, which were awarded.

The competition was challenging, but AeL, a product developed by SIVECO Romania, succeeded at earning a position on the podium in the Impact category, placing Romania among the countries with the best eight programs in Europe.

The specialists of the eAward jury motivated their choice as it follows:

„This is an innovative project in the area of content management and eLearning. The case has a high impact potential in the education area, and the concept can be used as a model to develop new approaches. The transferability is significant for new member states and applicant countries.”

„This recognition in less than one week from the winning of World, confirm the value of Romaian soft industry. All these prestigious international awards adds a new, different perspective to Romania as a brand: that of an eLearning producer. We are very pound to contribute this image” says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania, the producer of AeL elearning platform.

The success of the AeL eLearning platform in the competition in Manchester and in the World Summit Awards prove the fact that undergraduate education in Romania benefits from high-quality eLearning instruments, recognized at international level.