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SIVECO Romania

Hocus-Pocus-Literatus! Alex and the Magic Words


Screenshot Moment's Description  
The user drags the words from the soap balloons and drops them in the correspondent places. In the end, the result of the interactivity is a list containing seven pairs of antonyms. demo (Opens in a pop-up window)
The user drags each noun and drops it in the category it belongs to. At the end of the task, the result is a classification of nouns according to what they make reference to: natural phenomena, beings or things. demo (Opens in a pop-up window)
After assimilating the theoretical part, the user must identify and select all the nouns situated in the crown of the talking tree in order to complete the story written on the chart. demo (Opens in a pop-up window)
At the end of the CD, the user browses through a comic. The strips tell the same story the CD is based on, but rendered from a humorous perspective. demo (Opens in a pop-up window)