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27 April 2009

Successful teaching careers in the knowledge society

Romanian version only

Teachers in the South Muntenia region will use the most modern methods of teaching


24 April 2009

900 teachers will learn how to adapt to the requirements of the knowledge society

Romanian version only

The Program “Teaching career in the knowledge society adapted to the North-West region” promote the principles of lifelong learning, aiming at increasing employment and social inclusion


21 April 2009

Teachers in Botosani, Iasi, Neamt, Suceava and Vaslui have access to the latest training programs for continuous quality

Romanian version only

The Program “Training for continuous development skills for education, in the context of knowledge society, for the North-East region” is addressing teachers who want to improve their level of knowledge, skills and specific competencies


17 April 2009

SIVECO Romania offers support for modernizing the Romanian educational system

Romanian version only

The program “Ways of strengthening the career in the knowledge society, for Bucharest-Ilfov region”, to teachers of pre-university education, is now launched


15 April 2009

Teachers will learn how to effectively integrate IT resources in the educational process

Romanian version only

The program “Opportunities to strengthen career in the knowledge society in the South-West region in Oltenia” is now launched


2 April 2009

Linfo@SV - the national competition for creativity in developing educational software, reached its 7th edition

More than 70 students presented their innovative projects and proved their talent and originality in using the computer


31 March 2009

New awards in the “Moisil’s disciples” competition

The IT competitions represent an important chance for the future IT&C specialists


19 March 2009

82.8% of the teachers that participated in the “Intel® Teach -Training in the Knowledge Society” Program use now modern methods for teaching

The new pedagogical methods increase the pupils’ involvement during the classes


9 March 2009

SIVECO Romania participates in the most prestigious educational exhibition in the Middle East

Developers from all around the world present their educational solutions in Dubai


27 February 2009

eLearning - a 52.6 billion USD market

In a world where education is closely related to computer use, 776 million young people and adults, 16% of the world's population, don’t have access to IT resources

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