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15 February 2005

The Romanian eLearning Platform AeL Was Appreciated at eLearnExpo Paris 2005

The Romanian eLearning Platform AeL was presented to the thousands of users of the prestigious eLearnExpo Paris 2005 in the pavilion dedicated to the IST Prize 2004 Nominees.


7 February 2005

The IT Based Educational System, the Bridge for the Access in the Digital Era of More than 2 Million Users

The Romanian IT Based Educational System received another recognition of its value from the IDG media group.


25 January 2005

The IT Based Educational System – A Continuous Process, whose Progress Depends on the End-Users’ Involvement and Feedback

IT&C Resources for Education – pupils, teachers and IT solutions developers analyze the stage of the Romanian undergraduate system informatization.


30 December 2004

SEI – the Romanian Undergraduate Learning System Takes Its First Steps into the Digital Era

Based upon the results obtained, SEI is considered one of the most advanced projects for IT use in education at European level, and can be the beginning of the one of the most successful campaign in the world.


8 December 2004

SIVECO Romania at Online EDUCA Berlin

The winners in the SIVECO CUP 2004 presented their works at the most important international computer assisted learning even, building a new image for Romania: that of a significant eLearning producer.


8 November 2004

SIVECO Romania at eChallenges 2004 in Vienna

The AEL eLearning Platform developed by SIVECO Romania, recently nominee by the European Commission European Information Society Prizes (IST Prizes enjoyed a lot of interest in Vienna


27 September 2004

High International Recognition for AeL

The AeL eLearning platform developed by SIVECO Romania was nomineed by the European Commission for the Information Society Prizes (European IST Prizes)


20 September 2004

Using Computer Assisted Learning Systems in the Technical Academic Environment

Universitary professors and students from Romania and European Union shared their experience in using IT&C


6 July 2004

IT&C Paves the Way Towards the Knowledge Society

The computer assisted platform AEL contributes to the educational system democratization process by insuring the nondiscriminatory access to modern education tools


20 May 2004

AeL Receives Another Award

AeL educational platform received the award for the best educational software at IT&C Awards Galati 2004

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