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Click to enlarge Nature’s Tales – Wonders of the Living World

With us, science becomes an educational adventure through nature, meant to help the little ones with their studies. They will discover new interesting things and practice their knowledge.
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Nature’s Tales – Secrets of the Plants

The plant world will reveal its secrets throughout an adventure filled with games, experiments and exciting challenges.
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Operation Math: How Alex Saved Mathematics

We learn about numbers, addition and subtraction throughout a fascinating story, calculating and testing our knowledge in order to set Mathematics free.
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Hocus-Pocus-Literatus: Alex and the Magic Words

Romanian language reveals itself as magical throughout a charming story with magicians who know all the secrets of words and their meanings.
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Operation Math: Alex and the Problems of Clinci

Can you solve those difficult Math problems using the figurative method? Here is the challenge: you will have to find the hidden treasure that greedy pirate Clinci has been looking for all his life.
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